anti individualist calf cow“The anti-individualist knows we’re all in it together, that the end is always near and that there is no time to waste. Love conquers Hate and your Mother is always to be respected.”


Our anti individualism is anti philosophical, it is a course of action. Behavioural, not intellectual. Practical, not theoretical. If you love more than you hate, if you know the power of beauty, if you believe there is a force in the universe greater than individual humans then you are an anti individualist. Welcome.

Our anti individualist hero is Natalia Sergeevna Gontcharova, a Russian creative extraordinaire who lived in both the East and the West from 1881 to 1962 . She was a futurist, a primitivist, an abstractionist, a craftsperson and a designer of fashion, stage and home. She became famous (and infamous) as Moscow’s Queen of the Avant-Garde, a challenger to the status quo in Russian religion, society and culture at large. She was punk before punk rock.

After escaping Revolutionary Russia, Gontcharova became a key part of the celebrated Parisian artistic culture of the 1920’s. But in stark contrast to individualist contemporaries like Picasso, Chagall and Leger (who considered their own individualistic perceptions of the world and the promotion of that perception to be a key part of their ‘job’ as an artist), Natalia considered art to be an expression of truth, and the artist a vessel of inspiration and a small part of a larger universe. As do we.

Shirts are signboards and beanies are beacons. Share the truth.


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